Our Business

Objectives of the Company are as follows:

A. To provide industrial consultancy, banking consultancy, technical consultancy services to authority of Government of Nepal, semi-governmental authority and persons as per necessity. To provide various services such as consultancy services, technical consultancy, social economical consultancy services to any authority as power necessity, and to promote for investment in Nepal to foreign company; to participate in joint venture.

B. To supply, sell and distribute in local market as a retailer and wholesaler by importing the construction materials which is necessary for development and construction works, decorative goods, electric and electronics goods, computer goods and its accessories, industrial machinery and parts, necessary industrial raw materials, stationery goods, photography goods, machinery goods, hardware materials, daily consumable goods, seeds, manure, salt, cement, tire tube, raw wool, woolen thread, hospital equipment and instruments, medicine, textile, necessary raw materials for textile, various raw materials, pashmina, vehicle including other permitted importable goods by Government of Nepal from India, China including overseas by getting approval if it is required.

C. To export or sell the handicraft goods, woolen carpet, golden and silver ornaments, curio, thanka, agricultural products, tea, goods made by jute, herbals, readymade wear, seeds, Nepali paper and its goods, pashmina goods, food stuffs including other exportable goods permitted by Government of Nepal by purchasing from local market.

D. To export and sell in local markets by purchasing the Nepalese home products goods which is permitted by Government of Nepal to export and sell.

E. To do export and import relating works being participate in tender works.

F. To take and give agency, stockiest, dealership, sub dealership, distributorship to sell the goods across the country Nepal by purchasing the native and foreign produced and manufactured goods.

G. To arrange agent and representative for managing the dealership, sub dealership in various places to sell and distribute the imported goods across the country Nepal.

2. The company shall take approval or license from concerned authority to fulfill objectives pursuant to Sub-section (1) according to prevailing law in force.

3. The company shall submit the photocopy of license to the officer within 15 days from the date of obtaining license from concerned authority regarding the above mentioned objectives of Sub-section (1).